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Focus Acaleph-891s Single Pass UV Flatbed Printer

Speed: 10~40+ m/min
Max Width: 33~470mm
Print Heads: Eps-i1600/i3200 or Ricoh G5/G6
Media: PET Film, Bags, Carton, Plastic, Glass, Metal...
Ease: Online Guidance, Touchscreen, No RIP
Custom Solutions: Global Shipping, Efficient
Warranty: 13-Months
Description Printing Sample
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Acaleph-891s Digital Single Pass UV Printer Printing Sample

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Plastic Lunch Box Printer
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Plastic Bag Printer

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Online Tutorial: Using the FocusInc. Single Pass UV Printer

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The Technical Details of Acaleph-891s One Pass UV Flatbed Printer

Maximize your printing potential with our wide 33~470mm design, compatible with EPSON I3200, I1600, RICOH G5, and more.

Print Different Width Materials Easily: A 60cm extra-wide printing guide enables printing on various material widths effortlessly.


High Precision Y-Axis Printing: Single pass UV printer utilizes a 2500 PIR high-precision meter wheel for accurate Y-axis movement and printing.

Achieve automatic page printing for different material thicknesses with our high-precision, adjustable micrometer.

Laser Sensor for Automatic Material Thickness Detection: UV printer utilizes a laser sensor to automatically detect the thickness of printing materials.

Teflon and Stainless Steel Pressure Bars: Safeguard your printhead with Teflon and stainless steel pressure bars, preventing material warping and protecting against print head damage.

Stable and Secure Electrical Control System: A reliable electrical control system ensures the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

Integrated Array Nozzle Mounting Base: Our streamlined design facilitates rapid installation of the print head array, ensuring swift setup.

42mm Ultra-Thick Vacuum Partitioned Adsorption Platform for Printing Soft Materials

Automatic Ink Refilling and Ink Depletion Alert: Ensuring timely ink supply for seamless printing.

Item Specification
Maximum Printing Area 33mm~470mm (Depend on Print Head Amount)
Print Head EPSON I1600 U1 / EPSON I3200 U1 / RICOH G5 / RICOH G6
Print Nozzle Ammount 1600*X / 3200*X / 1280*X (X= Print head ammount, Depend upon needs)
Printing method Micro Piezo Inkjet Print Technology
Print resolution (dots per inch) 600DPI*300DPI / 600DPI*600DPI / 600DPI*1200DPI (According to different print head)
Print Head protection technology Head anti-scratch kit
Print speed 10~40meter/min (According to different resolution and ink type)
RIP software Control &Rip All in one (Included)
Accepted image data Tiff, Jpeg, Bmp, Pdf.
Control interface Touch screen go with PLC
Media type PET Film, Bags, Carton, Plastic, Glass, Metal...
Media Pre-process Plasma / Flame / Corona Depend upon needs
Media size Maximum load size 600mm * Y no limited
Maximum thickness 9.05" in. (230mm)
Media margin aligment Laser aligment 4~6pcs Automatic Laser guideline margin
Media height control Electronic Touch screen control electronic up down motion
Ink Electronic Automatic Air vacuum Feeder For extra soft material such as plastic film, soft bags etg. feeding
Ink supply method Negotive pressure management with dual filt system
Type UV curing ink / Aqueous ink
Color Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow + Spot color White, Glossy Depend upon needs
Ink tank capacity 1500ml per each color
UV curing system Curing technology LED UV Curing, 405nm, Sectional curing type for KC+MY+W+V
Cooling technology Water circulation cooling
Media vacuum system Vacuum power 850W with 4 independent area
Vacuum control Touch screen control
Dimensions Main Printer system 97.5 (L) × 33.7 (W) × 61.8 (H) in. (2,479 × 858 × 1,571 mm) Main printer
Frection Feeder 28.3 (L) × 33.7 (W) × 45.0 (H) in. (721 × 858 × 1,145 mm)
Air vacuum Feeder 36.4 (L) × 46.5 (W) × 39.2 (H) in. (926 × 1,181 × 998 mm)
Packing size 101.5 (L) × 39.2 (W) × 70.0 (H) in. (2,580 × 998× 1,780 mm) Main printer
Weight Net weight 1430 lb (650kg) Main printer
Gross weight 1727 lb (785 kg) Main printer
Environment Temperature 51 to 86 °F (18 to 30 °C)
Humidity 35% ~ 75%
Compressed air supply Minimum 80psi 6bar, 60L volume required
Included items Print cable, cleaning kit, USB Flash of manuals and installation videos
Connectivity Ethernet cable
Power requirements 20A Single-phase 220~240VAC, 50HZ/60HZ
Acoustic noise level 75 dB (A) or less
Software System Requirements
Print control System Windows® 7/10 (64 bit) Recommend
(Bundled) CPU Intel® Core™ i5, 2.5 GHz or more
RAM 8 GB or more
Video Card and Monitor A resolution of 1,152 × 854 with 16 bit color or higher
HDD Install space 1 GB or more
Working space 100 GB
Patent Certificate for Single Pass UV Digital Printer

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Michael Shawn
Apr 15, 2024
Seems a good solution for flexible packing material. Pls send price to my email. Thanks
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