Focus Inc. Galaxy-Jet Max 9060 Flatbed UV Printer with EPS i3200 or Ricoh G5i heads for sale

Print Technology:  Micro Piezo Inkjet
Print Head:  3pcs I3200U1
Head Channel:  12 channels
Head number:  3-heads, White+Color+Varnish
Head protection:  Intelligent anti-scratch 
Max. print size:  60*90cm
Print model: Uni/Bi-directional
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Why Choose Galaxy-Jet Max Digital UV Printer?

Key Features Value & Benefits
Head Options Epson i3200 for Mass Production, Ricoh G5i for High Droplet, Big Curve Printing
Printable Surfaces Flexible, Flatbed, Irregular Products
Flatbed UV Printing White Color Varnish
UV Lamp Power 3pcs of 600W Big LED UV Lamps
Max. Printing Size 600mm*900mm*180mm
Automatic Height Sensing Advanced Laser Technology for Automatic Height Detection

Precision craftsmanship with CNC vacuum adsorption platform, ensuring stable printing and safeguarding expensive printheads.

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the automatic lifting feature in the cap station, ensuring a clean and moisturized printhead.

Automatic height sensing feature detects and adjusts print height according to material height, with a maximum reach of 18.5cm.

The UV flatbed printer employs internationally renowned Riso motors, ensuring high stability and reliability.

Customize your printing experience with our cylindrical fixture, allowing you to print on various cylindrical objects, from cans to cups.

Equipped with a liquid level sensor, preventing printhead damage by alerting when ink levels are low.

Technical Advantages of Galaxy-Jet Max UV Flatbed Printer

How Automatic Height Sensing Works: Precise Material Measurement

See it Lift: Cap Station Interactive Printhead Care
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Print Technology:  Micro Piezo Inkjet
Print Head:  3pcs Epson I3200U1
Head Channel:  18 channels
Head number:  3-heads, White+Color+Varnish
UV system:  100-Degree adjustable
Cooling system: Water cooling
Temperature adjust:  Auto on/off. 25-35
UV wavelength:  395-405nm
Head protection:  Intelligent anti-scratch  
Print speed:  180s/A2 size(720*720dpi)
Print model:  Unidirection/Bidirction
Print resolution:  720*720dpi-720*3080dpi
Print type: One pass/Single/Copies
White layer:  Bottom/Top/Middle
Rip software:  FocusRIP/RIPRINT
Image type:  Tiff, Jpeg, Png, Pdf
Repeat precision:  0.1mm
Head cleaning:  Auto flushing+Keep wet
Max. print size:  60*90cm
Print media:  Hard/Flexible/Bottle  
Media thickness adjust:  Software auto-detection  
Max. print thickness:  18cm
Ink type:  UV ink
Ink system:  Refill CISS system
Ink process system: Auto shaking + circulation
Ink level:  Auto detection+Auto alarm
Color model:   8colors
Tank volume:  550ml refillable
Color Rendition:  ICC profile+Curve
Position type:  Laser marking
Print table: Vacuum adsorption
Table treatment:  Teflon coating
Print model: 3D. Wave. Rand. Eclosion
Motion config:  Servo motor
Control interface:  Control panel+Software
Drive config:  4 linear rails+Dual Ballscrew
System requires: WINXP/WIN7/WIN10 32/64bit
Working environment:  18-25, 50% Humidity
Working power: 480W
Electric supply:   110V/220V
Interface: USB2.0/3.0/TCPIP
Gross weight/Net weight:  380KG/320KG
Packing size: 155cm*155cm*98cm
Machine size:  140cm*140cm*90cm
Industrial Galaxy-Jet X UV Flatbed Printer Printing Demo

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Manos Karantinos
Apr 05, 2024
i like yours uv printer and i will to talk about it
Ibrahim Khalifi
Jan 20, 2024
Hello Can you please send me details about wight and shipping box dimension including the shipping cost by see to Jeddah Islamic Port in Saudi Arabia and how long it will take to arrive. Thanks
Jul 18, 2023
Dear Team, I would like to know if the printer can print on a painted surface. What is the typical durability of uv print? Can it print on an uneven surface? Can it support automobile-grade surface coating or nano-coating? Please forward me more details and a price quotation for the printer and optional accessories. After reviewing the basic information and cost, I will share more information if required. BR, SUBASH
Jan 29, 2023
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